1250 TON ZAMET EXTRUSION PRESS...Oil Gear Driven, Maximum Billet Length - 600 mm, Handling Equipment includes Hdyraulic Stretcher, Saw Roller Belt Conveyor, Saw, and more! (Ref. CEL-1088-1250)

1250 TON LOEWY EXTRUSION PRESS...6" Billet Diameter, 2 PVA 120 Vickers Pumps, Billet Heater, Handling System, Stretcher, Ageing Oven.  
(Ref. CEL-1090-1250)

2300 TON DUISBURG EXTRUSION LINE...Oil Gear Driven,  3 Rexroth Type A2V500 Pumps, Alan Bradley PLC 5...MUST SELL...MAKE OFFER! 
(Ref. 1086-2300)

2500 TON ZAMET EXTRUSION LINE...Oil Hydraulic System, Billet Length and Diameter:  800 mm / 255 mm, Billet Heater...MUST SELL! 
(Ref. CEL-1091-2500)

4500 METRIC TON NIKKO SUTTON EXTRUSION LINE...Oil Gear Driven, Handling Equipment, Stretcher, Saw and Table, Saw Conveyor, Ageing Ovens and more.  (Ref. CEL-1089-4500)




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