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Somebody once asked us "If money were no object, how would you design the world's ultimate handling plant for aluminum extrusion?"
We took the challenge seriously and designed a dream system that employed the very latest technology to outperform any other system, regardless of price. When we costed the first complete system, we discovered that our elegant concept needn't be too expensive to make. Being engineers ourselves, we decided to not stop there and to see if we could get the cost down still further. So we ruthlessly cost-engineered the designs to use commonly-available parts in simple modules that were simple to build, simple to install and simple to maintain.
In fact, making everything simple gave us our next idea: Why not offer customers the option of fabricating and/or installing some of the plant themselves? After all, this is an international market and specialist manpower from overseas can be a significant part of project costs. Furthermore, using customer staff to help build the plant can also reduce their subsequent training costs.


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