1000 TON BALDWIN EXTRUSION PRESS...4 Post Type, Approximate Billet Sizes - 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5-1/2", Alan Bradley PLC Control System, Includes - AJAX Billet Heater and more!  (Ref. EP-1060-1000)

1600 TON FIELDING & PLATT EXTRUSION PRESS...Billet Size: 7", Billet Heater, Stretcher, Puller, Ageing Ovens.  (Ref. EP-1024-1600)

1800 METRIC TON FARREL ALUMINUM EXTRUSION PRESS...4 Column Type with 2-piece Billet Loader, 3 tank mounted Oilgear DA15025 Main Pumps each with 185 kw Motor.  (Ref. EP-1045-1800)

2500 TON UBE EXTRUSION PRESS...Billet Material: Copper / Copper Alloy, Billet Size:  244 mm Diameter, 710 mm Long. Includes Die Changer, Coiler, Bar Handling Equipment.  (Ref. EP-1038-2500)

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